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How long will it take to ship my car?

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Because there are so many moving pieces, nobody can give you an exact date or time for

how long it will take to transport an automobile overall. Sometimes the car shows up earlier

than expected, while other times it could take an extra two or three days. Read the entire

guide to find out what factors can affect how long it takes to ship a car:

Total Distance

The overall distance is one of the key elements that determines how long it will take to ship

an automobile from pickup to drop-off site. It is evident that shipping across a vast distance

of 2000 to 3000 kilometers will take longer than shipping across a modest distance of a few

hundred kilometers.

Greater distances are taken into consideration in addition to the truck's travel time. The

trucker will need to find a place to stay the night and eat since the entire transit process will

take many days. The time it takes to deliver an automobile will increase as a result of these


Type of Service

The time it takes to move a car also relies on the service it is. There are two different

services: door-to-door transportation and terminal-to-terminal transportation.

Choosing the former one will result in a quicker delivery of the vehicle.

The latter option, however, requires that your automobile be picked up from your

home, driven to the company's carrier, and then driven from there to the desired

location. Although it is a more practical form of transportation, shipping an

automobile will also take longer.

Mode of Transportation:

This is yet another element that dramatically alters how your car will be transported.

Land, air, and sea are the three available forms of transportation. The first method is

the most typical and could also take the longest. The quickest mode of transportation

is air, and your car can get there in a few days, sometimes even on the same day.

Depending on the water route to the destination, sea transportation might sometimes

be faster and sometimes take longer. However, air travel is most expensive while

ground travel is least expensive.

Weather Conditions:

This is a huge letdown for customers who need to move their car quickly while the

weather is at its worst. It will probably take longer for the carrier to deliver your car if

it is snowing or if it is pouring rain heavily like cats and dogs.

The carrier's top concern is protecting your vehicle, therefore he will make decisions

based on how safe it is to go further. He might have to pause and stop at a motel if

the weather deteriorates while he is traveling. The delivery may also be postponed

based on how long the bad weather persists.

Time of the Year:

Different seasons of the year have various automobile shipping prices and car

delivery schedules. Due to the slow season for the auto transport sector in the fall,

shipping an automobile is most affordable and quick. However, when individuals

move across the nation in the winter and summer, they also bring their cars.

Due to a scarcity of carriers to carry the cars, this not only raises the costs but also

increases the possibility of significant delays. Therefore, shipping an automobile will

take longer than usual during peak seasons.

Over to You:

The reason I'm telling you all of these details is because nobody can accurately

predict how long it will take to ship a car from one location to another.

To avoid any unpleasant experiences, you should add a window of 2-4 days to your

plans since auto shipping providers can only estimate transit times.

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