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Expedited auto transport – what is it?

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Have you ever visited a website for car transport and heard the term expedited shipment mentioned? Or perhaps you already know what it means but want to be sure you understand it correctly. Whatever brought you here, this manual will help you learn everything there is to know about it. Continue reading to the end.

So, What’s an Expedited Car Transport?

Fast shipment is exactly what it sounds like. Unfortunately, delays are common in the auto

transport sector as the volume of traffic, the weather, and the state of the roads can slow

down a carrier's progress. Additionally, it could be challenging for the auto shipping company to transport your automobile fast due to the car carrier's availability. Here is where the

possibility of accelerated car delivery enters the picture. It occurs when the car is shipped

with a delivery date guarantee, either on or by that day.

Your options are constrained when looking for a top-notch auto transport company that

offers rapid shipment because not all automobile shipping firms provide this service. Just so

you know, though, American Car Ship does provide this service—and does it at

exceptionally low costs.

Does Expedited Car Transport Cost More?

It does cost extra; anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars. Now, the issue is

why is it more expensive. Apart from the fact that you are promised delivery by a particular

date, the auto transport company goes above and beyond to provide quick shipment. It

accomplishes this by transporting your car on a smaller truck with room for only one car.

Some businesses might choose to forgo this and cut costs by fitting the automobile

alongside other vehicles on a bigger truck, but the majority—the good ones—get a separate


This is done so a smaller truck can go more quickly and deliver the car more quickly.

Additionally, a truck has less weight to carry when only one car is hitched, increasing speed.

Finally, picking up and dropping off one automobile is far quicker than doing same for five

more. So this is how a reputable auto shipping business shortens the process and delivers

the automobile more quickly.

Now consider if it will be affordable to hire a second truck and travel hundreds of miles

simply to deliver one car. It won't be, which is why using an expedited shipping service costs more.

When Is Expedited Car Transport Necessary?

There are times when you really must have expedited shipment, even if we don't

recommend it because it will cost you several hundred dollars. When time is of the essence,

one of these can be the transportation of your car to an auction or a car exhibition.

Or perhaps you are taking a short trip and don't want to wait three to five days for the car to arrive, so you arrange for expedited shipment to have it delivered in one to two days.

Parting Words:

While expedited shipping can truly save you a few days, it is best to avoid it if at all

possible because it is not worth the extra money, especially if the need is not urgent.

For example, if you are on vacation, choose standard shipping until your car arrives

and use a rental car for commuting; this will be far less expensive than choosing

expedited shipment.

Autos transport USA LLC

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