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Military Car Shipping (OCONUS)

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Get an estimate for a customized car shipment that meets your needs by calling 720-825-3623. To discover a reasonable price, you can also use our user-friendly online auto shipping calculator to get an instant car quote. We are here to answer any of your shipping questions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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Military Car Shipping OCONUS

Getting to your pcs order can be a difficult task, whether you're a military member or a spouse balancing home items, pets, children, or your second vehicle in preparation for across-country travel to the new duty station. While the government will cover the cost of one vehicle's transportation from an overseas duty station (OCONUS), it often won't cover the cost of a service member's vehicle's transportation when they are moving inside the same nation (CONUS). So, if you or a family member is unable to drive your car to your new base, the best alternative is frequently to hire a seasoned military auto shipping firm.

You also have the right to POV transportation upon retirement or separation to your permitted home of selection under JTR Paragraph (Para) 5068-A.1 or to your home of record (HOR)/place from which you were called (or ordered) to active duty under JTR Paragraph 5066. One year from the date of retirement or 180 days from the date of separation with compensation is the deadline for delivering a POV. Although 10 USC 2634(h), 10 USC 2634, and 37 USC 406(h) provide the legal justification for POV shipping, you'll still find our shipping prices to be quite affordable even if you're paying for POV auto transport out of pocket.

1. We comprehend the values and requirements
of military service personnel for auto transport

Being able to act promptly in response to a Permanent Change of Station order, whether it involves a cross-country move or one that is only 500 miles away, is an essential element of your employment as an active member of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard. We are a car transport company that is aware of the hardships and sacrifices made by the military community and that you are likely living on a meagre government allowance. Therefore, whether you will receive a reimbursement or not, we work with military families just like yours to make military auto travel as affordable as it can be. We can mobilize a car transporter to most places in a very reasonable amount of time thanks to
our network of over 8,500 carriers.


Moving is a challenge, whether you're a single Service Member being deployed overseas or a military spouse in charge of moving to the next duty station while your partner is in the military. If you ship your car to be stored with a family member while you're abroad, or if you're returning to the US after a deployment and need to get your car to your new home or the next duty station, moving can be difficult.

Finding a carrier that can pick-up or deliver to a base that is off the beaten road in a timely manner might take some effort, especially if you're on a strict timetable, attempting to organize precise dates for pickup and drop-off, or when fast deployment is imminent. You require a quick, easy, and straightforward procedure. You require dependability. You also want value, which is the best service at the best price. Find out about our military auto shipping savings as a tiny token of our appreciation.

2. What is the cost of shipping automobiles for military personnel?

Costs for 1-500 miles of military car shipping are $1.40 per mile. The price of a 350-mile trip would be $490. Moving something above 1000 miles results in a price reduction to $1 per mile, or $1000. Military car shipping from coast to coast can cost as little as.60 cents per mile. Military auto shipping costs vary according to factors such as vehicle size, delivery speed, accessibility in remote areas, and seasonal demand. You'd be shocked at how many individuals ship used military jeeps and other types of military vehicles. We also offer shipping for your own operational vehicle, such as motorbike shipping and military truck shipping. Even retired military tanks can be transported with our help.

3. How much time does it take to ship a transferred car?

From the time your vehicle is picked up until it is delivered, POV shipping for service personnel requires 1-6 calendar days. Typically, a driver travels 500 kilometers every day. Express car transport is often accessible within 24-72 hours of your location, and the initial pickup date is typically 2–7 working days after an order is placed. We try to give you definite times and dates since, as a car shipping company, we appreciate the need for a well-defined schedule. We have the utmost regard for our veterans and present duty personnel.

Important Information About Alabama Car Shipping

Auto Transport USA  is a 5-star Auto Transport Car Shipping Company specializing in Door to Door Auto Transport, Multi-Car Shipping,

Vehicle Import, Heavy Equipment Transport, Enclosed Car Shipping, and more.

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  • How to Ship A Vehicle Internationally?

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4. Why should you choose us as your military relocation car transportation company?

Through our military car shipping service, we provide the best value and service possible, and we keep our promises just as you do. Our 4.8-star rating among military auto transport customers speaks for itself. You may check out our reviews on Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, and you'll see that we have a stellar reputation. We provide excellent customer service because we know how much time it takes to find the best provider for your military auto shipping needs.

As a service member, you are used to clear, succinct, and detailed communications. To minimize unpleasant surprises, we keep in constant communication with you, and each order has a specific Transport Coordinator assigned to it. The name and phone number of the truck driver will also be provided.

Active-duty service members can receive a military discount, and you won't pay anything until we assign a carrier who meets your requirements. We won't stop working for you until your POV has been shipped. Our military clients are confident in us because of our many years of vehicle shipping experience.

5. Resources for each stage of deployment: More than just POV car transport

We want you to succeed, so we've put up a list of tools that previous users have found helpful. While none of these are specifically connected to your needs for auto shipping, we thought you might find some of these resources useful.

Make the most of your current situation: Military OneSource contains advice for everystage of deployment, whether you're just getting started, returning home, or celebrating your accomplishments.
• Your POV's successful movement is not a matter of luck. It is the end consequence of planning and preparation, as with everything military. Consult the guide given by US Transcom or get in touch with your local Transportation Office (TO) or Personal Property Shipping Office if you believe you could be medically qualified to ship a POV in the CONUS (PPSO).
• By using the Personal Property Counseling Checklist, you can make sure that every member, dependent, and government worker has received the correct information regarding how to relocate their personal belongings via the Defense Transportation System. The legitimacy of claims for damage, faulty shipments, and any third-party liability may also be assessed using this checklist.
• For families and deployed service personnel, there are resources available to support you during your transitions; below is a list of assistance programmes organised by service.
• Everyone affected by a deployment struggles, even the family pet, children, and husband. The tools on, created by military partners and service members, can ease the deployment for your family.

6. Can you pack stuff in the car or the trunk when moving a car for a military member during a PCS?

The quick response is no. Only items immediately related to the vehicle, such as child car seats, car covers, and parts or tools that are directly related to the vehicle itself, may be transported, according to the FMCSA, which inspects auto carriers and ensures the public's safety. Because no vehicle carrier in the US is certified to carry household goods or obtain insurance on those products for your safety, regulations forbid bringing luggage, personal belongings, household items, or anything else that isn't related to the automobile in order to avoid additional weight. Therefore, it is recommended to ship your household items along with the rest of your personal belongings while moving for a PCS.

Our specialist Military Delivering POV branch specializes in shipping military PCS vehicles, which is one of our areas of expertise. Nearly every military facility or base in the nation can be picked up and delivered to by our company. While we cannot drive onto the base itself, we will get the transport truck as close as feasible to the base's entrance or gates. Alternatively, the driver will make arrangements to meet you at a nearby, secure, and convenient shopping center or public parking lot. Discover why our military car shipping program is among the best in the US auto transport industry and inquire about the military discount we have for all US Armed Forces personnel as a token of our appreciation.

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