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The Trustworthy Door-to-Door Auto Transport

The Trustworthy Door-to-Door Auto Transport

We Simplify Car Shipping

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720-825-3623. To get an instant car shipping quote at low price, use our easy and convenient online shipping calculator. Our professional team is available to answer any of your shipping questions 24/7.

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Transport Method
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We Simplify Car Shipping

Use our Car Shipping Calculator to get a fast online auto transport quotation
Receive Quote

Use our Car Shipping Calculator to get a fast online auto transport quotation, or ask for a custom auto transport quote for uncommon vehicles like boats, RVs, and heavy machinery.

you can book online using the link you will receive in your email
Schedule Your Shipment

You may either phone and speak to one of our skilled Transport Specialists or you can book online using the link you will receive in your email. They will guide you through the procedure and respond to your inquiries.

we 'll let you know who they are and when they will be picking up the car
Pickup & Tracking

You Once a driver has been assigned to the transport, we 'll let you know who they are and when they will be picking up the car. Along the way, we will provide you periodic updates, and

you can get in touch with us at any moment.

our vehicle will be inspected by both you and the driver when it is delivered
Delivery & Payment

Your vehicle will be inspected by both you and the driver when it is delivered, and this is when the driver will be paid the remaining balance of the transport. After that, we'll get in touch with you to see if everything went as planned.

How Can I Make Payments For Auto Transport?
How Can I Make Payments For Auto Transport?
When Will My Car Be Shipped?
How Long Does It Take To Ship My Car?
Can I Ship Personal Items In My Car?
Can I Ship Personal Items In My Car?
Importance of the Bill of Lading
Importance of the Bill of Lading
How Do Refunds Work?
How Do Refunds

How Can I Make Payments For Auto Transport?

There are a few alternatives available for paying for auto transport.

Discounted Cash Price

When you choose this option, we will register a card on your behalf, and your deposit will be deducted when the car is given to a driver. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the remaining balance is payable in cash, cashiers check, money order, or other certified monies at the time of delivery or pickup. There is no additional documentation needed for this procedure, and you can save up to $150 by using it.

Easy Pay Price

We do not accept complete payment in advance and credit card. You will get an email with an invoice to pay the entire remainder after we send you the paperwork that must be completed, signed, and returned to us.

Before we can assign the transport to a driver using this payment option, we need all papers signed and returned.

This is the best option if you intend to finance the transport or pay with a credit card, the pickup or delivery contact will not be available to pay the driver.

Additional Payment Methods

You can use any major credit card to pay your deposit or if you are using our Easy Pay option. You can also pay by check that is mailed to us, but until the check reaches our office and successfully clears our bank, we can't allocate your cargo to a truck. we do not have paypal. You can choose to pay via Wire transfer if none of these are the best options for you or if you are an international customer and none of these are practical options. There can be an additional cost for some choices. Please be aware that most drivers are unable to accept credit cards or other electronic payment methods when you pay them at pickup or delivery. Most drivers only accept cash or funds that have been certified.

Please let us know when placing your order if you need to pay at pickup or delivery but are unable to do so with cash or certified funds so that we can arrange for a driver who can accept your preferred payment method. Please be advised that in order to meet your demands, this may need us to extend your pickup window.

When Will My Car Be Shipped?

If you are not shipping fast, your pickup window typically lasts 5 business days and starts on the first pickup date that is available. Your transit time does not include this. Your vehicles transit time, which is the estimated number of days needed to transport it, will mostly be
determined by the distance it must go. Other aspects, including the weather or mechanical issues, could change the anticipated transit time. You could also be able to expedite your transportation and cut costs if you meet your driver in or close to a big city if your pickup or delivery destination is in a rural area.

Please refer to the chart below to find out what your predicted transit time will be.
Days in Transit
0 - 200
200 - 600
600 - 1000
1000 - 1500
1500 - 2000
2000 - 2400
2400 and up
1 - 2
2 - 4
3 - 5
4 - 6
5 - 7
6 - 8
7 - 9
Delivery Date & Time

Your projected transit time, as well as the day your vehicle is picked up, will determine when you will receive your package. Once a truck is assigned to pick up your order, you will be informed of an approximate pickup and delivery date. Standard delivery dates are not always guaranteed because the transit time can be affected by a variety of factors that are out of ourcontrol. Weather, mechanical problems, holidays, and other factors all have the potential to delay delivery. To give or request updates, you can call your driver at the number supplied to you by them. In order to give you enough time to prepare, your driver will typically call you afew hours before pickup and delivery.


Please call our Auto Transport Specialists to request expedited shipping if you require a guaranteed pickup or delivery date.

Do I Ship Personal Goods in My Car?

This will ultimately be up to the carrier. In general, they will allow one suitcase or bag weighing up to 100 pounds for free as long as it is stored in the trunk below the window level and adheres to any restrictions imposed by the driver. Anything weighing more than 100 pounds may jeopardize the weight constraints that carriers must adhere to. Anything weighing more than 100 pounds that is transported in the vehicle will almost certainly cost you a lot of money if the driver lets it. Any objects transported in your automobile are not covered by insurance, and
any damage done to your vehicle as a result of the items inside is also not covered.
Every truck driver is subjected to inspection at state lines and may be penalized for transporting personal things, as federal and state Departments of Transportation (DOT) regulations restrict the movement of domestic items in automobiles transported by auto

Under no circumstances are bombs, firearms, ammunition, combustible items, narcotics, humans, animals, or other illegal contraband to be transported in your vehicle.


If your driver permits personal goods in the car, heed the following advice:

● Items must be loaded into the trunk or onto the back seats floor.
● A lower window level must be loaded for items.
● Your car seat must always be free at all times.
● Under no circumstances will your insurance pay for damage to or resulting from the
personal things you load into your car.

Significance Of The Bill of Lading

When it comes to auto shipping, the driver and the customer both sign the Bill of Lading, which is an inspection sheet for the vehicle. When the car is picked up, both parties must check it, note any past damage, and then sign off on it. Both parties must recheck the car upon delivery to ensure that no additional damage occurred during transportation. If it is found that there is new damage, it must be clearly noted on the Bill of Lading (also known as the BOL and the customer and driver must each obtain a copy.


What makes the BOL significant? You must get in touch with Auto Transport USA within 24 hours of delivery to submit a claim if your car was damaged in transit. Your copy of the BOL, along with images and information on the damage, will be requested. It is doubtful that your insurance claim will be accepted if the damage is noted on either the pickup or the delivery
BOL. We will still try our best, but if you did not take the necessary precautions during pick up and delivery, you might have to pay for the damage out of your own pocket.

Pickup and Delivery Procedure

During Pickup:

● You and the carrier should thoroughly check your car for dings, dents, and other
damage before transporting it.
● The BOL includes a picture of the car. All prior damage is noted by the truck driver in
the appropriate location in the picture.
● It is strongly advised to instruct the driver to note the current mileage on the
odometer of your car. Several photos of the car should be taken both when it is
picked up and when it is delivered.
● You must sign the agreement with the truck driver, and each of you must retain a
● Call us at PUT YOUR NUMBER for help if you dont agree with what the truck driver
is marking.

During Delivery:

● The truck driver must let you thoroughly view your vehicle once more when it is
● Your vehicle must have any NEW scratches, dents, or other defects noted on the
BOL in the appropriate area of the image, along with a detailed description in the
exceptions/comments form. It is very advised to take photos of the pickup and
delivery processes.

How Do Auto Transport Refunds Operate?

Your money is entirely refundable if your transport has not been assigned (dispatched) to a driver for pickup. Our Accounting Department will review the matter and decide if a refund will be given after your transport has been dispatched. Your deposit might only be refunded less the relevant service fee, depending on your circumstances. Service fees are explicitly

stated in your contract and only imposed when the agreement you signed when placing your transaction is broken.


Please remember that by using Auto Transport USA to place your order and agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you are employing us to organize transportation for your car. This service is finished once your vehicle is assigned to a driver. The driver should be consulted
regarding any refund resulting from the drivers performance.

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